Proud and Beautiful Country with a Proud People

An ancient land of saints and scholars, alive with storytelling, history and stunning scenery.

Ireland is a small island, but on the world’s stage – its a global giant!

The Irish have always excelled internationally, whether it be the Arts, Sciences, Education or Humanities.

Its people have travelled the world, making each place they visit that little bit better. Each country now has people that in someway concider themselves Irish.

From the earliest of times they have left these shores to share their knowledge, love and expertise. Some have left for adventure, others because of religion, famine or persecution. 

Just to highlight how much Ireland has shaped the world – Ireland has a population of only 4.9 million people, yet over 70-80 million people call themselves Irish.

“Ireland constantly contributes more to the prosperity and equality of the world than any other country relative to the size of its economy.”

The Good Country index Report

“My heart is quite calm now.
I will go back.”
James Joyce
Irish Poet and Author

The Emerald Isle

Ireland is often referred to as “The Emerald Isle”. This stems from the countries rolling, green hills and lush landscapes.


40 Shades of Green

This is another term associated with Ireland. Its countryside is a patchwork of green fields, with many many shades of green.

The land of Saints and Scholars

Throughout the world Ireland is known for its education excellence. The Irish people are a curious breed. Everywhere they go you’ll find a genuine and deep-seated love of learning.

A rich legacy of art and mythology

So much of Irish culture and art has been influenced by the island’s earliest inhabitants – the Irish Celts which arrived around 500 BC. Their traditions, activities, language and laws dictated the way of life in Ireland for thousands of years and still form the foundation of many aspects of Irish life.
They left behind a rich legacy of art and mythology that is still inspiring artists and craftspeople today.

Your Story

Celebrate your
Proud Irish Heritage

If you are one of the 70+ million people around the world who claim Irish roots, there are a number of ways you can celebrate your heritage and discover more about where you come from.

You could; research more on Ireland and its culture; listen to its music and poets; read its authors; buy its goods and of course visit the country.

Another way is to display your Irish Heritage roots. Celebrate your links with the country by putting on display a visual representation of your pride in being Irish.

It’s no secret that those of us with Irish heritage are extremely proud of our past. The Proud Irish Certificate is a great way to acknowledge your Irishness.

The Proud Irish Heritage Certificate is a way to tell your story, your part of the Irish dialogue between the past, the present and the future. 

The Proud Irish Heritage Certificate, whether bought for oneself or another, whether old or young will become part of your story and Irelands story. It is a document that can be passed on for generations, always having a link with Ireland.


Irish Heritage Certificate being display on wall

Everybody can celebrate being Irish

The Proud Irish Heritage Certificate was produced to allow all those of Irish Ancestry express their love of Irish Heritage and Culture.

It is designed to be inclusive of all Irish at home and abroad.

Available as an Instant Download or delivered as a Certificate Plaque.

Individual Person Certificate

The Proud Irish Heritage Certificate designed for an individual persons name, to show their links with Irish Heritage. 

A beautiful yet inexpensive item that can be purchased for oneself or as a gift for another. It is especially appropriate as a gift for children as it sparks their interest in Irish traditions and culture. It is something that will always be cherished.

Download Certificate right after payment or we can produce it in Ireland and have it delivered.

Family Name Certificate

The Proud Irish Heritage Certificate designed for a family’s name, to show their links with Irish Heritage. 

This beautiful and personalised document is dedicated to a Family with Irish ancestry. You can insert the family name. Whether purchased for ones own family or another, this certificate is an item that can be passed from generation to generation.

Available in two sizes, also as an Instant Download or a Certificate Plaque.

The Irish Document that does it all 

Designed by Irish artists

The Certificate has many design elements that takes its inspiration from ancient and traditional Irish art, monuments and manuscripts.

Irish Heritage Cert - Design it online

Convenient - Create it online

You can design and fill your Proud Irish Heritage Certificate online. Once completed you can instantly download your cerificate for printing.

Irish Heritage Cert - Specialist printing.

Download or Specially Printed

The Certificate is available in two sizes, chosen for convenient home or local printing. You can choose to Instantly download or have us create a special Certificate Plaque for you. 

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Proud Irish Heritage Certificates

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You can create a certificate for a family name or for an individual person.
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