Irish Family Coat-of-arms


Your family coat-of-arms knight on horseback, with surname meaning.

  • Your Irish Family Crest
  • Historically correct family crest
  • Surname meaning
  • Crest illustrated on Knight’s shield
  • Matching caparison & family banner
  • Size: 11″ x 17″  print on specialist paper
  • Enter family surname here. We will design the print with your family coat-of-arms and surname meaning.
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Your Irish Family coat-of-arms – Exclusive print

A beautiful piece of wall-art that is both pleasing and meaningful. This item is exclusive to Proud Irish Heritage customers, it is our gift to those that wish to display their proud and long family heritage and association with Ireland. These unique pieces of family crest art are exclusively made by us for you.

We have almost every Irish Family Coat-of-Arms (over 1,500) on record.

Each unique print has your family coat-of-arms illustrated on the mounted knights shield. There is a matching horse caparison and family banner. We also include the surname meaning and name origins.

When you make your order of your family coat-of-arms – we can send a mock-up of the artwork. If for some reason you don’t like it – you can request a full refund. We can offer this as we are very proud of our work and the effort gone into producing it.  We are very strong on integrity, our aim is to have 100% happy customers.

After you order we faithfully draw the coat of arms from historical descriptions or reference materials, all of which can take quite a while, so please allow 24-48 hours for your email proof to arrive. (Please check your email regularly after you order).


Irish Surnames
Historically – some surnames can have more than one coat-of-arms – this can be for many reasons.

Originally coat-of-arms (family crests) were usually only ever awarded to an individual, never to a family. And it was only over a period of time that a family crest becomes associated with a family name. In fact two brothers could have been awarded two different family crests.  And the one that is most prominent in history – strongest bloodline – it’s their name that becomes “the family crest”. That is why you may have more than one crest  for a family name.

Other considerations might be as  people married they sometimes changed the coat-of-arms to include their partners coat-of-arms or parts of it but keep the same surname.

Also, some surnames might be descriptive of the place someone comes from or their occupation – and in different countries persons with the same name could be given different crests. For example a Blacksmith or “Smith” in Ireland would be different than a Blacksmith or “Smith” in England.

Many Irish surnames were originally of English, Norman or Celtic origin over the centuries as families developed and contributed to the local culture are now recognised as being Irish.

If there are a number of crests associated with a name – it can be difficult to determine which is correct. Where there are two or more crests – the common practise  and what we always do is use the oldest family crest that is associated with a surname – this would have been the original that’s on record, before marriage or partnership changes.

We reproduce the crests that we have images of or a description from an old manuscript or other source that has a good reputation for accuracy.

We always say to customers that it is better to think of the family crest as a piece of representative artwork. It is full of meaning and associated with their history and background. It should never be thought of as a legal entitlement. It should look beautiful and be respectful of the people that carried that name.


Highest Quality
Our specialist paper is from some of the oldest paper mills in Italy and have been supplying generations of calligraphers and artists for many many years.
We produce your print on a paper larger than the image size – this leaves you plenty of options for framing. This print comes without a mat/mount and is unframed.


Free Shipping
Once your item is completed and your are happy with your family coat-of-arms print we will ship it to you free of charge. We send all items by the postal system, which normally takes 5-14 days to reach our customers.

These items are shipped in bubblewrap and protected cardboard, or protected cardboard tubes.


Please note that we also have double family crest gifts available as well. These make fantastic Engagement, Wedding and Anniversary gifts.
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